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Old mobile phones lying idle in your home? You can neither throw them away nor sell them to a junk dealer! Sounds familiar? Junk dealer for your electronics are a thing of the past. Now is the time to Zunk your old mobiles, not Junk them. is India’s first and most authentic old mobile buying house. We will give the best value for your old, used mobiles. There are no hidden charges, no hassles. Just 100% transparency and honesty.

We believe that “Your Junk can add a Zip to someone else’ life” and hence we advise you to Go “Zunk” your mobiles here.

GoZunk will not only buy your old mobiles, but also re-furbish them in its State-of-the-art mobile repairing facility. All old mobiles are given an Absolutely New Look and what more, all these mobiles come with a GoZunk warranty of 3 months. So what are you waiting for, start Zunking today.


Advantages of Selling mobiles on “GoZunk”

  1. Best value for your old mobiles
  2. No Hidden charges or commission
  3. Free Pick-up
  4. Instant money transfer
  5. Hassle free transactions

Advantages of Buying mobiles on “GoZunk”

  1. Cheapest and Best Rates
  2. Choose from Refurbished, Surplus or Unboxed phones
  3. Refurbished mobiles with New like looks
  4. Genuine company parts and accessories only used.
  5. GoZunk warranty of 3 months.
  6. Great deals and instalments available.


Meet the Zunkies

Mohit Bansal, Founder: A serial entrepreneur, Mohit’s previous ventures in Education and Online Gaming went on to become market leaders in their respective categories.
An IIM-Ahmedabad alumnus, Mohit aims to change the face of the second hand electronics market in the country. With the aim to provide a working mobile in each Indian hand, Mohit has been passionately working to bridge the digital divide in the country.


Anubhav Adlakha, Co-Founder: Our “can do” man, he has a reputation of getting things rolling and brings to the team a potent combination of energy and meticulous planning.Anubhav, a Computer Science graduate and a Post Graduate in Actuarial Sciences has worked for large investments firms like HSBC, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley in India and Hong Kong.

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