Three Interesting Features to Expect in Future Smartphones in India

Three Interesting Features to Expect in Future Smartphones in India

As we can make out from the name itself, smartphones are capable of providing many other functions apart from communication like browsing, multimedia, entertainment, shopping, net banking, games and many more. It is like carrying a mini-computer in your pocket. Smartphones in India have become very popular tech product. Every New Year has new innovations and new technology in the field of smartphones. There are many big players in the market like Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola and many more that work on new innovations to develop a good smartphone. Due to increasing competition in the smartphone market the companies are giving their bets in order to be a market leader. This is one of the major reasons that we are getting new innovations every day from different brands. There are uncountable benefits of a smartphone. It is not just a medium to communicate but is being used in many others areas and ways that was never ever imagined. In the near future, the future of smartphones may have one of the following features.

1.  Flexible Screens: In few years from now, companies might manufacture smartphones with flexible screens that can be expanded to watch movies or play games by maintaining a size that fits in a pocket. Also, they can be expanded in another direction so that one person can watch photos and the other can do something else at the same time. With such flexibility, the time is not far enough when these smartphones can be wearable smartphones that will offer option of wearing it on the wrist or unfolding it to use it as a handset.

2.   Holographic Projections: After the success of 3D displays that various brands offered like Samsung AMOLED 3D and LG Optimus 3D, the next feature that is expected is holographic projections. It will be a combination of 3D future smartphone and projectors. It might be possible that in future you may be able to resize the photos using your hands to pull or compress the holographic photos that are in front of you or move the object just by picking it up from one place to another and much more.

3.  Augmented Reality: Augmented Reality is defined as the technology that allows you to enhance the sight that you have perceived through your senses. This is usually done with the help of computer-generated sensory input like video, graphics, sound and GPS. It basically means that when you point out some location using your phone’s camera, you will be able to get live information overlay of that place. You can get information about nearby dine-in restaurants, cafes, hospitals, hotels etc. in just one click o your smartphones.

It is really very exciting to look up for these features in future smartphones in India. But, on the contrary, you need a good amount of money to get such amazing features in your smartphones. With the advancement in technology and new innovations in the market people are now waiting for the features the smartphones industry will offer in the near future. Smartphones have taken a big leap into the future and has shifted the focus of people from PC or laptops to mobile phones. What future has in store, let’s wait and check out. To buy or sell refurbished smartphones one can visit the website

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